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In 1973, Don Beckett initiated a community project to build a ball field in Darrtown. Soon thereafter, E-Dot Park was born (see History of E-Dot Park). Leagues were organized and, over the years, multiple youth and adult teams played at the diamond on north West Street in Darrtown. Don managed and played with his own, very competitive and very successful, Don's Carry-out softball team.

Prior to the 2014 Darrtown Bicentennial, the Steering Committee mounted a campaign to name the main ball field at E-Dot Park in honor of Don. Bob Young agreed to lead the effort and he secured the approval of the Milford Twp. Trustees. The christening of the ball field occurred on Saturday afternoon, July 5, 2014, as a special event during the Bicentennial festivities.


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LEFT: Don Beckett was called to the stage, by Fred Lindley.

ABOVE: Bob Young explained the naming of Don Beckett Field.

RIGHT: Don Beckett expressed appreciation for the recognition.

BELOW: After the presentation of a commemorative plaque, Bob Young invited the audience members to walk to West Street for the unveiling of the Don Beckett Field sign.


Don's daughter, Julie, and his son, Jeff, unveiled the Don Beckett Field sign - shown below.