Donated items - i.e., photos, notes, newspaper items, books, maps, interviews, etc.

The Lewis A. Miller diaries - hosted by this website

The Darrtown Family Tree - hosted at this website; in conjunction with Ancestry.com

The Stephen D. Cone Biological and Historical Sketches (at archive.org)

The HIstory and Biographical Cyclopedia of Butler County, Ohio (at archive.org).

The Centennial History of Butler County, Ohio (Indiana University project - digitized by Google)

The Surname Index of of Miami Valley - hosted by USGenwebsites.org

The Butler County Ohio Research Help - hosted by USGenwebsites.org


People occasionally contact the darrtown.com webmaster with questions about various pieces of property in or around Darrtown. 

Marvin Russell, a Darrtown native, has frequently volunteered to research the history of various Darrtown properties.

On the assumption that it would empower others to conduct their own property searches, if they knew how to do so, we asked Marvin to share his approach to conducting a property search in Butler County, Ohio. In response to that request, Marvin provided the guidelines that appear at the right.

How to search for property ownership records

If you only want to know the name of the CURRENT owner of real estate in Butler County Ohio, you may conduct an online search at the Butler County (Ohio) auditor's office.

Lot 52 - Don's Carry Out and the Hitching Post

Lot 53 - Located across the street from the Hitching Post

Lot 85 - 4270 Hamilton Richmond Road

Lot 93 - 4260 Hamilton Richmond Road

Lot 99 -  4260 Walnut Street

Lot 100 - 4241 Hamilton Richmond Road

Lot 101 - 4234 Hamilton Richmond Road

1. You will need an accurate address (number and street) of the property that you wish to research.

2. You may wish to take some means of recording the information that you find during your research.

3. Go to the Butler County Administrative Building at the corner of  Riverfront Plaza and High Street (130 High Street) in Hamilton, Ohio. Parking is available at the rear (north side) of the building.

4. You may enter the building from the parking lot or you may enter at the front of the building on High Street.

5. Office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Document recording is available from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. There is a nominal fee for recording.

6. Go to the Recorder’s office, which is located on the second floor.

7. Go to the Customer Service desk for help. Inform the personnel that you wish to look up a certain piece of real estate property and they will assist you. They are very good about helping. They will escort you back to the old books, from the early 1800’s, if you want to search that far back in time.

... into the history of ALL previous owners of a particular piece of property, then you are invited to use the following as a guide.

In the pursuit of finding and preserving the history of Darrtown, this website draws from multiple resources, such as those listed here...

Ownership records for these Darrtown properties:


The Darrtown community has its own family tree at Ancestry.com If your family now lives, or formerly lived, in or near Darrtown, and you want to learn how your family's history can become a part of this interactive project, visit the Darrtown Family Tree page.


Our possession of the MIller diaries is a testament to the power of the Internet.

          In April 2013, Mr. Loyd Mowery of Colorado sent an email to the Darrtown webmaster and offered to donate a set of diaries written by long-time Darrtown resident, Mr. L. A. Miller. Until the moment that the email arrived, no one associated with the Darrtown.com website knew the diaries existed. Mr. Mowery donated 27 diaries that chronicle the life and times of Mr. L. A. Miller, from 1910 through 1937.

     In February 2018, Mr. Roy Yeomans, another resident of Colorado, contributed  four more Miller diaries from the years 1900, 1902, 1908, and 1909.


While this text is described as providing information about the city of Hamilton, Ohio, from 1792 to 1896, it also includes information about other Butler County communities, including Darrtown. Cone's book serves as a resource for those who seek information about Darrtown and vicinity. Four persons with connections to Darrtown are referenced in Cone's book (the numerals, in parentheses below, represent page numbers in the Cone text).

          1. Herbert Eugene Twitchell practiced medicine in Darrtown during the 1880's (page 226).


          2. John W. Erwin "located" the Hamilton and Darrtown Pike, among other other roadwork projects in the Butler County area (page 304).


          3. John Pierson, of Darrtown, lost his life in the Mexican War, while serving under Captain Ferdinand VanDerveer (page 344).


          4. James R. Fulkerson began farming in the Darrtown area at the age of seventeen. For 12 years, he served as the superintendent of the Hamilton, Darrtown, and Fairhaven turnpike (page 415).

The digitized Google version of Cone's book includes a search feature. See: Stephen D. Cone's "Biographical and Historical Sketches - A Narrative of Hamilton and Its Residents - from 1792 to 1896"

These three resources have been particularly helpful: