4234 Hamilton Richmond Road

Years                  Owner                                   Lot #

2016-                  Walter  Jackson                    101-109

1985-1990          J. Brandon McFadden          101-109

1983-1985          Judith Marion                        101-109

1970-1983          Elizabeth Peoples                 101-109

1959-1970          Stanley Matthews                  101-109

1949-1959          Lizzie Kramer [3]                   101-109

1949                   Laura V Flenner [2]               101-109

1841-1949          Nancy Cooley [1]                  101-109

1838-1841          James Bradberry                  101

1836-1838          Henry Creagar                      101

1833-1836          George Powers                     101

1830-1833          David Ratteray                      101-107-115-116-123-124

1830                   Conrad Darr



In January 2016, Marvin Russell offered the following comments:  

“I did research on Main that Walter Jackson now owns. I went all the way back to when Conrad Darr owned the property. It usually doesn't tell when the house was built.


This Nancy Cooley bought it in 1842 and it stayed in the family, until 1959 when this Lizzie Kramer had inherited it in 1949, at age 81 from her half sister.


It told that this Lizzie Kramer lived at 110 Elm St. in Oxford. I looked that address up on the Butler County Search and Harold and Cathy Richardson own 110 Elm.


I called Alice Kramer- Miller and she said that was her Grandmother, which is Fred Kramer's mother.”


Lot 101

of the original Darrtown plat

NOTATIONS (correspond with bracketed numerals above):

[1] Purchased property in 1841 (died in 1868); property went to Maria Elliot-Shields, who died in 1892; she was the mother of Laura and Lizzie

[2] -deceased-half sister to Lizzie Kramer -81yrs

[3] See transfer affidavit in image below.