Lot 53

of the original Darrtown plat

Lot 53, as shown on the map below, is located directly east of the Hitching Post and Don's Carry Out, on the opposite side of State Rt. 177.

Currently (June, 2020), Lot 53 is vacant, as it has been for several decades. However, as explained in the sections below the map, the house that once existed on this lot had some historical significance in Darrtown history.

These photos provide a view of the house that stood on Lot 53, until the middle of the 20th century.


Property ownership records for Lot 53 appear below, thanks to the research and generosity of Marvin Russell.

ABOVE: This photo is part of the Liebrich Family page.

RIGHT: Info about this 1955 photo is available at Huber parties.

We know, from property ownership records (below), documented history (in other parts of this website), and anecdotal records of persons who remember this house/property, that it:

...belonged to Brincefield family members for over 55 years (1892-1947)

...may have served as Darrtown's post office, as Wm. J. Brincefield is listed as one of Darrtown's postmasters.

...likely was the home of Frances Emily Brincefield and Mary Ann Brincefield (see Individuals / A - C)

...presumably was the home of "Cheesy" Brincefield, a local muscian.

...was purchased by Earl "Red" Huber, in 1947 - two years prior to Mr. Huber's purchase of the Hitching Post tavern.