Lot 99

of the original Darrtown plat

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1830-10-01     Conrad Darr sold to David Ratteray (This transaction also applies to Lot 91)

1836-04-20     L Cook Admr sold to E D Crookshank - 99 E 1/2

1837-03-08     E D Crookshank sold to James Moore

1837-02-18     Wm Steel sold to Elisha C Waldron - 99 W 1/2

1834-09-12     Sealy Cook sold to Wm Steel - W 1/2

1839-03-15     Elisah C Waldron sold to D D Burnham

1841-08-02     D D Barnum sold to Thomas Cooch W 1/2

1837-11-30     Jas Moore sold to Elisha C. Waldron

1848-02-16     Rosin R Cooch sold to Wm Cooch

1855-03-20     Auditor Butler County Ohio sold to Wm S Kemp  Assgn

1852-09-16      Thos W Cooch  by Shrr sold to Thos Millikin

1855-01-26     Thos Millikin sold to Wm Kemp

1857-11-13     Wm S Kemp sold to Benngton McVicker

1858-08-21     B McVicker sold to David Lawther

1887-04-29     David Lawthers by Admr sold to Alexander Spears

1887-09-28     Alexander Spears sold to John Graw

1889-04-03     John S. Graw sold to Eliz A. Silvers

1915-02-22     Eliz Silvers sold to Frank P. Smith

1919-05-24     B. F. Teague Admr sold to Clyde Brown

1920-09-20     Clyde Brown sold to Benjamin F. Teague

1921-02-12     Benjamin F. Teague sold to Charles C. Mieth et al

1937-07-29     Chas. C. Mieth et al sold to State of Ohio Division of Aid

1949-08-26     Hildagard Leibrock Exr. sold to Earl F. Huber

1982-11-30      John Dungan et al Exec sold to William Marcell     Burchfield Tr

1983-05-18     William Marcell   Burchfield, Tr sold to Robert E. Bowman  et al

Lot 99 is located at 4260 Walnut Street. It sits in the southwest corner of the intersection of Walnut Street and Mulberry Street (Mulberry Street becomes Schollenbarger Road, at the west edge of Darrtown).

Webmaster note: All property records are transcribed here, as they appear in the Butler County records. Some entries (noted in red font) are not listed in chronological order in the county records.