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The Progressive Club
The K.U.W.L. Club

The K. U. W. L. Club...

...a Precursor to the Tallawanda Progressive Club

Thanks to a contribution from Paul and Janet (Baumann) Jewell, we have evidence that suggests the "K.U.W.L. Club," which originated in the Darrtown area, evolved into the Talawanda Progressive Club.


The image at the right shows the cover of the early 20th century journal that the secretaries of the K.U.W.L. Club maintained. The first recorded date in the journal is April 11, 1914 and the last recorded date is March 1922. The numbered pages run from 11 through 91.


Other images [below] show selected pages from the journal. The handwritten minutes of the group's meetings chronicle the organization's transition from the K.U.W.L. Club to the Tallawanda Progressive Club.


Unfortunately, we have not discovered the meaning of the K-U-W-L initials. If you have information regarding the club's name, please contact the webmaster.


As noted above, we are indebted to Paul and Janet (Bauman) Jewell for sharing the K.U.W.L. Journal, which provides another glimpse into the life and times of Darrtown-related persons and organizations. In this instance, the time period (reported in the K.U.W.L. journal) spans from 1914 to 1922.


This is an image of the first page in the K.U.W.L journal. This page is entitled "Secretary's Report of the K.U.W.L. Club." and includes the following member names.

1. Stella Abry

2. Nelle Bradbury

3. Minnie Bradbury

4. Naomi Bradbury

5. Clara Brincefield

6. Francis Brincefield

7. May Baker

8. Hattie Brown

9. Bertha Buhi

10. Nelle Harris

11. Gladys Harris

12. Minnie Kapp

13. Grace Krebs

14. Lillian Krebs

15. Bertha Kramer

16. Ella Kolb

17. Effie Kyger

18. Kathryn McVicker

19. Mary McVicker

20. Della Marshall

21. Helen Mee

22. Lizzie Phillips

23. Anna Ramsey

24. Abagail Shaw

25. Carrie Weiss

26. Anna Shuck

27. Mayme Burns

28. Marie Kyger

29. Nelle Teckman

30. Clara Harris

The image at the right shows the first recorded minutes of the K.U.W.L. Club, which were written by Naomi Bradbury, secretary.


Dated April 11, 1914, Mrs. Bradbury's notes read as follows:


"The K.U.W.L. Club met at the home of Mrs. Sam Abry, April 11, 1914 with Mrs. Frank Marshal as the assisting hostess. Mrs. Kirk Mee favored the club with several beautiful solos. Miss Edith Davis and Mrs. Wm. Goshorn enjoyed the afternoon as guests of honor. The election of officers formed an important part of the meeting. Mrs. John Shaw being elected President; Mrs. Horace Brown, Vice; and Mrs. Harry Bradbury, Secretary. Late in the afternoon, a delicious Easter luncheon was served with large Easter eggs as favors, after which the guests departed having spent a most enjoyable afternoon."

The constitution of the K.U.W.L. Club appears in the image at the left. The content reads as follows:


"This club was organized with twenty-five members in the vicinity of Darrtown & called the K.U.W.L. Club.


Its purpose is social friendship & development of the art of serving, crocheting, and general housekeeping.


Art. I - The Officers shall consist of Pres., Vice Pres., and Rec. Sec. To be elected for one year.


Art. II - Meetings shall be held once a month at the home of a member, the second Thursday of the month at 1:30. The meeting place to be announced at the preceding meeting. The hostess to provide a one course lunch.


Art. III - At no time shall the membership exceed the original number of twenty five members. A vacancy many occur by the written withdrawal of a member & an application for membership may be received by the Sec. and a new member may be admitted by three-fourths majority of members present. Vote to be by secret ballot."

Minutes from the March 8, 1917 meeting of the K.U.W.L. Club are shown in the image at the right.


This page (no. 51) was selected at random to provide an example of the minutes. The content reads as follows:


"The KUWL Club with quite a number of guests were pleasantly entertained by Mrs. Helen Mee at her beautiful suburban home March 8, 1917. The early part of the afternoon was spent chrocheting and Merry Chat, - after which the Programme opened with several selections on the "Edison." The minutes of previous meeting were read. The Roll was called; each responded with 'Irish Wit.' The 'Raven' read by Mrs. Anna Ramsey, was listened to with great interest. A story sub. 'The Baptizing at Kittle Creek' read by Mrs. Mamie Burns caused much laughter. The Edison furnished more music while the hostess served a delicious luncheon. After which she rendered several vocal selections. After enjoying ourselves immensely, thoughts of 'Home Sweet Home' expecting to meet again in April with Mrs. Anna Schuck.


Mrs. Bertha Buhi, Secy."

Membership Dues Paid in April 1917


The image at the left shows the list of 24 members with ".10" recorded beside each name.


We assume that this is a record affirming that each club member paid her membership dues of ten cents.


These 24 names that appear on this list are included in the list of 30 names that appear in the "first page of the K.U.W.L. journal" image above.

The First Minutes of the

"Tallawanda Progressive Club"


The image at the right shows page 53 of the K.U.W.L. Journal, which includes the first reference to the organization as the "Tallawanda Progressive Club."  

Dated April 12, 1917, the minutes read as follows:


"The Tallawanda Progressive Club spent a pleasant afternoon on April 12, 1917 at the cozy home of Mrs. Anna Shuck. Mrs. Della Marshall assisted in entertaining. The "Columbia" furnished music throughout the afternoon. A few answered the Roll-call with current events, the rest were present. Minutes of previous meeting were read. Paper 'Care of Chicks' - Mrs. Effie Kyger; 'Easter Greeting' - Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips; paper 'Flowers and Vegetable Gardening' - Mrs. Bertha Kramer. All these parts were good and appropriate for the season. Mrs. Mary McVicker suggested our club have more dignity where anyone wishes to speak on any subject during the programme hour should arize to their feet and address the president as 'Madame President,' etc. The new programs were handed out and the yearly dues collected. Offering .30, expenses .05 - leaving .15 in the Treasury.


We all passed to the dining room where a delicious Easter Luncheon was served after which all departed for home expecting to meet in May with Mrs. Mayme Burns.


The club was pleased to have Mrs. Schnebec as a guest.


Secy & Treasurer Mrs. Bertha Buhi"

Update to this page; February 19, 2018:


According to the following email that was received today from Valerie Elliot, the Smith HIstory manager at the Oxford branch of the Lane Public Library, the Progressive Club used two "L's" when spelling the word Tallawanda. Hence, the spelling of said word has been changed on this page.

On 2/19/18, 10:34 AM Valerie wrote:


Wow--what a great online resource for Darrtown history! I learned a lot even in a rushed read of the topics.


References to two clubs reminded me that Smith Library has some minutes of the Tallawanda Progressive Club and the Tallawanda Garden Club from the 1920s to early 1930s. You might want to correct the spelling on the website. Both groups used the double "L" spelling. It was the Talawanda School District that later dropped one "L" from the  name. The creek was officially spelled with two "L"s.


Thanks for keeping us on the email list!




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