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Some of the persons who submitted photos and/or information to this page expressed uncertainty about whether the group was known as the Pals or the Priscilla Club.

Sally (Simison) Johnson, granddaughter of Luther and Opal McVicker, confirmed that this group was known as the Priscilla Club, as her mother was an active member in the group.

Shown above - left to right: 

FRONT ROW: (kneeling): ____ Cory, Clara Wykoff, Agusta "Gussie" Gaiser, Unidentified, and Unidentified. 

SECOND ROW: (starting with Unidentified woman in white, arm at her side, with dark shoes), Olive Hansel, Virginia Teckman, Pearl Howald?, Unidentified, Nell Davis, and Belle Miller. 

THIRD ROW: (starting with Unidentified woman in white with white shoes - and we wonder if it might be Georgia Wills?), Maria Davis, Lucille Beiser, Unidentified, and Unidentified.


The above photo was contributed in July 2008 by Charles Teckman and Joan (Teckman) Haskins - son and daughter of Virginia Teckman, who appears above - standing in the second row, holding hat).



 Priscilla Club


- Circa 1940's






- Circa


The photo above was contributed by Janice (wills) Petri in early August 2009. Janice identified the majority of the persons shown in the photo; if you can help identify the unnamed persons, please contact the Darrtown.com webmaster.


Shown above - left to right:


Belle Miller is sitting on the floor, at lower left, and holding her granddaughter, Brenda Miller. 

FIRST ROW: (seated): Behind Belle Miller is Lucille Ferst holding Janice Wills. Seated beside (and lower than) Lucille is Irene Hansel holding Richard Hansel. Mrs. Mary Nichol in dark dress (with her left arm behind her back) is seated in the center (this Mary Nichol was the mother-in-law of the other Mary Nichol who appears in the second row, at the left). Continuing with the first row, next is Mrs. ____ Schollenbarger. Seated in front of Mrs. Schollenbarger, with her hands clasped at her knees, is Ethel Glardon. To the right of Ethel (and also sitting on the floor) is Olive Hansel. 

SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Nichol (wife of George Nichol) is holding Georgette Nichol. Agusta "Gussie" Gaiser is the second person in the second row. The third person, wearing the light-colored, flowered dress is Mrs. Inez Bryant. Next is Georgia Wills wearing the dark dress, with her head tilted to our left. The next person is unidentified. The next to last person is (believed to be) Pearl Howald. The last person standing in the second row is Nell Davis. 

THIRD ROW: The first person is unidentified. The second person - with the light colored hair - is Clara Wyckoff. The next person, with light reflected off her eyeglasses is Alice Pierson. The next person is unidentified. Next, with her head tilted to our left, is Maria Davis. The last person in the back row is Mrs. Ludley Durrough.


NOTE: On December 12, 2011, Lori (Lindley) Clendinning and her mother, Donna (Jewell) Gallagher provided:

> The first name of Mary Nichol in the middle of the first row

> The first name of Mary Nichol in the second row

> The name of Inez Bryant and Pearl Howald in the second row

> The identity of Mrs. Ludley Durrough in the third row.










- circa 1950s

The ladies shown shown in the above photo were members of the Darrtown Priscilla Club. The picture above was taken in the early 1950's at the east side of the Nell and Maria Davis home. The Davis farm was situated in the northwest corner of the the intersection of State Route 177 and State Route 73. Persons identified (left to right) include:


FRONT ROW: Alice Pierson, Opal McVicker, Olive Hansel, Pearl Howald, Maria Davis (with Janice Wills standing in front of Maria), and Ethel Glardon.  

SECOND ROW: Merle Trew, Mary Nichol, and Lucille Ferst. 

THIRD ROW: __?__ (standing near post), then Georgia Wills, Belle Miller, and Nell Davis.


Janice (Wills) Petri contributed the above photo in July 2009 and identified most of the persons in the photo.

Upon seeing this photo via the Internet, Sally (Simison) Johnson, granddaughter of Luther and Opal McVicker, identified Merle Trew - who was Opal (Trew) McVicker's sister.


On December 12, 2011, Lori (Lindley) Clendinning and her mother, Donna (Jewell) Gallagher provided:

The name of Pearl Howald, fourth from left, in the first row.

The first name of Mary Nichol, in the middle of the second row.








- 1985

The photograph shown above and the following caption appeared in the Hamilton Journal (June 13, 1985).


"The Priscilla Club members of Darrtown met at the Hickory Hut in Hamilton, Ohio for their anniversary luncheon in May. Attendees included the following:


Seated: Alice Pierson, Gladys Shaw, guest Nell Davis and Diane Barnes, guest of Nell.

Second row: Virginia Teckman, Marie Schmidt, Luella Eaton, Valora Cartwright, and Viola Walters.

Third row: Thelma Clark, Opal McVicker, Audrey Brooks, Ruth Kramer, and Allene Matthews.

Fourth row: Mary Decker, Louise Young, and Alice Miller.

(Absent members included: Irene Hansel, Olive Miller, Elsie Nichol, and Georgia Wills.)"