In 1884, a widowed mother, who lived in Hamilton Ohio, traveled to Darrtown to visit her son and his family. After arriving in Darrtown, she walked 2 ½ miles to her son’s farm, west of Darrtown. She was never seen alive, again.

This page tells the story of Catherine Schneider’s disappearance and the subsequent trial that ended with her son becoming the last man in Butler County Ohio to be sentenced, by a jury, to hang for his crime.

The story of a murder near Darrtown in 1884 and the subsequent trial of George Schneider was unknown to this website, until November of 2015.


As indicated by the following graphic, several individuals helped bring this story to the Darrtown website.


Additionally, the book titled, "Where's Your Mother, George?" is central to the information that appears here.


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     1.     A synopsis of the story about the George Schneider murder case.

     2.     Information about the Darrtown connections to this story.

     3.     Information about the author and how you may purchase a copy of "Where's Your Mother, George?"


Author Richard O. Jones

ABOVE: This synopsis of the story "Where's Your Mother, George?" was taken from the back cover of the book written by author, Richard O. Jones.

The True Crime Historian website, mentioned in the column at the right is hosted by Richard O Jones. It provides a comprehensive history of murder in and around Hamilton, Ohio. Several hundred vodcasts are included. Click the following link to access the TrueCrimeHistorian website.

Reviewing Catherine's Schneider's intended route

On the day of her disappearance, October 31, 1884, Catherine Schneider rode north, in a horse-drawn buggy, from her residence in Hamilton (Ohio) [1] to Darrtown (Ohio) [2]. She then walked about two and one half miles to the residence of her son, George [3], located on the east side of Lane's Mill Road, just south of the bridge that crosses the Four Mile Creek. She planned to return to her home in Hamilton, after her visit with her son and his family, by having George deliver her to McGonigle Station (Ohio) [4] where she would ride a traction car back to Hamilton. We now know that Catherine Schneider did not live to complete her planned trip.


The map image (above) is a section of an 1875 Butler County map.

The location of George Schneider's farm is not specified in the novella, "Where's Your Mother, George?" However, the farm's location has been deduced by considering the following facts reported in the novella.


          Shollenbarger Road had to have been the road that Catherine Schneider walked, after being dropped off in Darrtown - as it is the only road that leads west from Darrtown and winds up two and one-half miles later, near a creekside. (NOTE: On December 2, 2015, Rick Martin, a Darrtown resident, drove from the beginning of Shollenbarger Road in Darrtown to the believed location of the Schneider farm on Lanes Mill Road and reported that the distance measured 2.4 miles.)

          In the novella, the distance between the Schneider farm and the McGonigle Station railroad stop is reported to be approximately two miles - which is also factual.


The following image illustrates the findings that are presented above.

Locating George Schneider's farm


The contention that the George Schneider farm was located on Lanes Mill Road (site #2 in the above image) was bolstered on December 2, 2015, when Rick Martin shared the following anecdote.

Rick Martin shared a memory from his boyhood about riding in a car with his father and Luther McVicker, along Lanes Mill Road.


Just south of the bridge over Four Mile Creek, Luther pointed out a gravel lane on the east side of the road and remarked the last man ever sentenced by a Butler County jury to hang until dead had lived back that driveway.


George Schneider was the last man sentenced to hang by a jury in Butler County, Ohio.



Rick Martin provided this hand-drawn map to clarify his account of Luther's story.


On February 18, 2019, Marvin Russell submitted the following information about a book that devotes two pages to the Schneider murder of 1864. Authored by Kerry Seagrave and printed in 2009, the book is titled "Parracide in the United States, 1840-1899,"


Images of the book cover and the text from the two pages appear below.


The book is available for purchase at:


On February, 18, 2019, Marvin Russell pointed out that the above resource cites two different ages for George Schneider. The opening sentence lists George as being age 40. The final sentence lists him as age 33. More research needed...


On October 02, 2019, Kurt Landherr, via email, requested access to the Darrtown Family Tree, as he is a descendant of the Schneider family.


Subsequently, Kim Johnson researched for info on the Schneider family. His findings  revealed the following:

     1.     George Schneider was born January 7, 1852, in Winschberg, Rhinelind-Palatinate, Germany, to Johann Heinrich "Henry" Schneider and Catharina Swarz.

     2.     George's given name was Johann Georg Schneider ("Georg" - without the "e" at the end, is pronounced Ga-org, in Germany).

     3.     The 1860 U.S. Census reported that George lived in Millville, Ohio.

     4.     George Schneider was executed (by hanging) on June 19, 1885; thus, he was 32 years, 5 months, and 12 days old when he died.

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