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In 2012, the Darrtown Bicentennial Steering Committee adopted a landscaping plan to guide the development of the Darrtown village square, a.k.a. the Milford Township Memorial Park. The committee respectfully requests that the following points be kept in mind.

1. Like any plan in life, the landscaping plan (see diagram below) is a goal. It is a vision of what is intended.

2. This landscaping plan is subject to change, particularly with regard to species of plants, not so much with the layout.

3. Funding significantly influences the implementation of the plan; i.e., the availability of funds will determine number of plantings that are installed and the pace at which such plantings are installed.

4. Consequently, it may take years to fully implement this plan; therefore., this plan is a work in progress.

RIGHT: This image is a link to a story about sprucing up the village square. The news article was written by Bob Ratterman, who previously wrote for the now defunct Oxford Press and is now listed as a "contributing" writer for the Hamilton (Ohio) Journal. Click the image to access Bob's story about "sprucing up for the Bicentennial"

In the months running up to the Bicentennial, the Steering Committee released various news items to promote the event. Informing the public of the plans to upgrade the village square was one of the promotional stories.

Snapshots of progress...

The Milford Township trustees installed water and electical lines.

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