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ceremony for veterans



Call to order and welcome - Dale Bufler

Present the flag -

Raise the flag - Paul Gillespie

Pledge of Allegiance

Read names of those killed in action – Doug Ross

Recognize veterans of foreign wars who are present – Doug Ross

Present a Darrtown “Medal of Honor” to the veterans who are present - Betty Daniels and Sandy Jolivette

National Anthem - Alan Dunkleberger

Honor Guard salute


The Bicentennial Committee commissioned the Medals of Honor through donations and fund-raisers.

Honoring military veterans from Darrtown and vicinity during the Bicentennial was a fitting outcome of the Steering Committee's plans to improve the village square.

Landscaping led to paved walkways and benches in the park.

The pavers and benches led to the plaza and the monument for military veterans.

The veterans' monument led to the flag pole project.

All those factors evolved into the idea of holding a ceremony for veterans.

The idea of a ceremony led to the creation of a commemorative medal of honor.

The Program

THe Medal of Honor

Fred Lindley designed the medallion. Ron Wiley arranged for the production of the medallions.

The medallions were presented to all veterans from Darrtown and vicinity that the committee was able to identify and invite to the ceremony.

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Scenes from the ceremony for military veterans

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