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As the Bicentennial Steering Committee considered whether to pursue the idea of installing a flag pole in the village square, several questions arose:

1. Would the Milford Township trustees approve the idea?

2. Would the Milford Township trustees provide township workers to install the flag pole?

3. Where do we acquire a flag pole?

4. How much would a flag pole cost?

5. How do we pay for it?

The image at the left, which shows the flag pole installed in Darrtown's village square, indicates that all the questions (above) were successfully resolved.

> The township trustees approved the idea (and they installed the flag pole!).

> Committee members Jack and Betty Daniels, while attending the Fryburg Fair in Fryburg, Maine, saw an exhibit of flags and flag poles. Subsequently, the Steering Committee asked Jack to order the pole from the Flag Pole Farm.

> The cost was $488.

> Bob Yeagle, Darrtown resident, heard of the flag pole project, contacted Ron Wiley for details, and subsequently secured a grant from the Hamilton (Ohio) Community Foundation to cover the flag pole expenses through a fund that Bob's father had established for such causes.

Info and images related to the flag raising are available at the ceremony for military veterans.


during the Recognition of Veterans' Ceremony

1 PM ~ July 6, 2014 ~ Darrtown Village Square


The telescopic flag pole, that will eventually extend to 25 feet in height, stands in readiness, as Dale Bufler (behind table, with microphone in hand) offers opening remarks at the ceremony to honor military veterans from Darrtown and vicinity.

ABOVE: Paul Gillespie, a member of the Bicentennial Steering Committee and a veteran of the Vietnam War, had the honor of attaching the American flag to the flag pole.

BELOW: As Paul Gillespie extends the flag pole upward (below left), Joe Pater and Betty Daniels (below right) stand by with a flag that honors the five branches of military service.

As the flags rise (left), so do the veterans (right).

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