This page is dedicated to the men and women from Darrtown and vicinity who defended our nation by serving in the United States military.


It is NOT presented as being totally accurate or totally complete. The list will be updated as more information is received. If you find any errors or omissions in the following - or if you can provide additional information regarding the service of those listed below - please use the link in the footer, at the bottom of this page, to contact the webmaster. 

Diligence will be given to list all information in an honorable and accurate manner.   

Military Veterans from Darrtown and vicinity

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Honor Roll

Remembering those who served

The names of military veterans who now live, or previously lived, in or near Darrtown are organized according to the following list of wars.

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Casualties of War

Alexander, Dallas

Collins, William G.

Horner, John

McVicker, Donald T.

parker, leon v.

schwab, thomas

For more information regarding these fallen warriors, see: Casualties

The above list of military veterans, grouped by wars, was compiled through the contributions of volunteer researchers, family members, and friends of Darrtown.

Rebecca Evans and her mother, Marna Evans, deserve special recognition for contributing the list of the veterans linked to specific wars.

On July 8, 2009, Rebecca Evans provided the following summary of the research that she and her mother conducted: "My mother compiled this list from photographs that I had taken of all of the Darrtown Veteran graves and a partial list that Jane Menke used at the Memorial Day programs. This list was as accurate as possible through May 2007, as we checked it with online Veteran records and with the Soldiers and Sailors monument/memorial in Hamilton. I have a few additional names given to me by Sally Hansel that were added recently. I do not have the information on the wars in which they served and will have to do some research to confirm these details."

For an alphabetical list of all known veterans from Darrtown and vicinity, see: Alphabetical List of Known Veterans

RIGHT: This photo of the WWII Honor Roll, which stood in the town square during and after the second world war, was contributed by Dale Bufler. The sign stood in the northeast quadrant of the village square (the south side of the K. of P. hall appears in the upper-left corner of the image). Mrs. Lorraine Uhl and her daughter, Myrna Uhl, appear in the photo at the right.


Unfortunately, the original image was not focused and it is difficult to discern all the names listed on the Honor Roll. The names that appear in the image below were identified from the village square photo, while it was magnified. If you see errors, or if you can provide names that are missing, please contact the webmaster.

RIGHT: This image shows the monument that was dedicated in the Darrtown village square, during the May 25, 2014 Memorial Day services.


Designed and commissioned by the Darrtown Bicentennial Steering Committee, this monument honors the men and women from Darrtown and vicinity who served in the United States military.

The monument was financed by  donations to and fund-raisers for the Darrtown Bicentennial.

The monument served as a fitting backdrop for the ceremony that honored military veterans on Sunday, July 5, 2014 - as a part of Darrtown's Bicentennial celebration.

The inscription on the monument reads:

"On this site, as in the hearts of the people for whom they saved the nation, the memory of our veterans is enshined forever."

The flag pole in Darrtown's village square was dedicated on Sunday, July 6, 2014, during the Bicentennial ceremony that honored veterans from Darrtown and vicinity. See more information and images at flagpole dedication.

Medal of Honor medallions were presented during the Flagpole Dedication ceremony on Sunday, July 6, 2014, to all veterans, from Darrtown and vicinity, that the committee was able to identify and invite. The Bicentennial Committee commissioned the Medals of Honor through donations and fund-raisers.

Committee member, Fred Lindley designed the medallion.

About the recipients of the medallion

The Bicentennial Steering Committee made an earnest and extensive effort to identify and invite all Darrtown and Milford Township military veterans to the ceremony. If a veteran was deceased or incapacitated, relatives were invited to attend and receive the medallion.

Persons to whom medallions were presented are designated in the Alphabetical List of Known Veterans

If you know of a Darrtown or Milford Township veteran who did not receive a medallion, please use the link in the footer to inform the webmaster.

About the Kilroy side of the medallion

The phrase "Kilroy was here" originated from, and was perpetuated by, United States servicemen, who drew the doodle and wrote the phrase on objects and walls of places where they encamped, or visited, during WWII.


Given the up-lifting spirit and American comaraderie embodied in the symbol, the Bicentennial Committee deemed it appropriate to include the Kilroy drawing and phrase on the backside of the medallion.

P.S. - Kilroy was here!