Alphabetical List of Known Military Veterans

From Darrtown and Vicinity

(Updated 2020/04/17)

The following list is a work in progress; it is revised as content is contributed or discovered. The list was compiled from these sources:

1.     A survey of headstones in the Darrtown cemetery (conducted by Marna Evans and Rebecca Evans – circa 2007)

2.     A review of names listed on the wooden “Honor Roll” sign that stood in the village square during WWII and beyond.

3.     A collection of names gathered during preparation for the Darrtown Bicentennial “Ceremony for Veterans” (compiled by Dale Bufler and Betty Daniels)

4.     A set of “gravesite cards” found during an internet search; see:

If you know of a military veteran from Darrtown and vicinity who is not listed, please contact the webmaster.

Medal of Honor

A Medal of Honor was presented to each veteran who attended the Veterans' ceremony on Sunday, July 6, 2014. Since then, members of the Bicentennial Steering Committee have delivered the Medal of Honor to eligible veterans, as their names and addresses have been discovered.

If you know of a military veteran (or a relative of a deceased veteran) from Darrtown and Milford Township who has not received a Bicentennial Medal of Honor, please contact the webmaster.


·     RM: Veterans (or relatives of veterans) who received the medallion, during (or since) the Bicentennial ceremony, are designated with the [rm] suffix, for “received medallion.”

·     GC: Veterans for whom a gravesite card exists (see #3 above) are designated with the [gc] suffix, for “gravesite card.”

·     HR: Veterans listed on the WWII village square Honor Roll sign are designated with the [hr] suffix, for “honor roll” sign.

Agnew, Martin Ray [gc]

Alexander, Dallas

Alford, Alvin [hr] [rm]

Allen, Raymond [gc]

Alston, Virgil S. [gc] and [hr]

Amiot, Donald

Amiot, William

Anderson, John Wesley [gc]

Andrews, James G. [gc]

Baecker, Harold [rm]

Barbour, Ben [rm]

Baumann, Dale [rm]

Baumann, Lawrence [hr] [rm]

Baumann, Lester [rm]

Bogner, Charles Neale [gc]

Bolser, Homer [rm]

Bowman, James [rm]

Bufler, Dale [rm]

Bufler, Ray [rm]

Buhi, Howard [gc]

Burkhardt, Harold [gc]

Burns, Robert C. [gc]

Carpenter, Alfred

Clark, Bill

Clark, M. Beecher [hr]

Clinton, Whorton T. [gc]

Cole, Edward

Collins, Billy

Collins, Russell

Conklin, George, E. [gc]

Coombs, Richard

Cox, Howard [hr]

Craven, Leonard [gc]

Daniel, Gary [rm]

Deck, Sterling

Derickson, Linn [rm]

Dunwoody, Robert L. [gc]

Dyer, Winford I. [gc]

Dynes, Keith Bufler [gc] and [hr]

Engelhard, Donald

Erkenbrecher, William [rm]

Everhart, Paul

Falk, William [hr]

Fowler, Edward [hr]

Fulmer, Arthur [hr]

Gallagher, Shawn [rm]

Geisler, Ralph A. [gc]

Genton, Terry [rm]

Gentry, Russell [gc]

Gillespie, Marvin [rm]

Gillespie, Paul [rm]

Gillespie, Philip

Godfrey, Eugene D. [gc]

Grassmick, Robert

Gross, Gary [rm]

Guiler, Eugene [gc] [rm]

Hampton, Charles William [gc]

Hansel, Richard [rm]

Hansel, Warren [hr] [rm]

Harris, Andrew [rm]

Harris, Dorothy [hr]

Harris, Dwight [rm]

Harris, George [rm]

Harris, Joseph [rm]

Harris, William [rm]

Helfenstine, Charles

Hendericks, Denzil A. [gc]

Hiner, Ralph E. [gc]

Hollowell, David [gc] [rm]

Hollowell, David Jr. [rm]

Horner, John

Hornsby, Lloyd [gc]

Hunkler, Fred [hr]

Irvin, Clay Earl [gc]

Irvin, Lawrence O. [gc]

James, Dana Robert [gc]

Jewell, Paul “Pete” [rm]

Johnson, Floyd W. [gc]

Johnson, Paul L. [gc]

Kaniewski, Leonard B. [gc]

Kennedy, Edward William [gc]

Kennedy, Robert C. [gc]

Klapper, Ellis M. [gc]

Krause, Eugene Victor [gc]

Krebs, Charles

Krebs, Paul [hr]

Kyger, Frank H. [gc]

Lema, Dennis W. [gc]

Lemmons, Robert [rm]

Lemmons, Stephen [rm]

Lentz, Leo Arthur Earl [gc]

Lentz, Robert

Leugers, George

Leuthold, Ben [rm]

Leuthold, Ike [rm]

Leuthold, Mark [rm]

Leuthold, Matt [rm]

Lindsey, Omar E. [gc]

Lytle, Robert

Martello, Donald K. [gc]

Martin, Richard P. [gc]

Martin, Richard P. Sr. [gc]

McCain, Robert

McClure, James R. [gc]

McVicker, Donald [hr] [rm]

Mee, John F. [hr] [rm]

Menke, Charles

Menke, Dane [rm]

Menke Edward William [gc]

Menke, Frank

Menke, Joseph

Metcalf, Donald W. [gc]

Metcalf, Paul

Metcalf, William Guy [rm]

Miller, Dwight [hr]

Miller, Harlan [rm]

Miller, Ralph C. [gc] and [hr]

Miller, William Moulton [gc] and [hr]

Mize, Guy L. [gc]

Music, Robert L. [gc]

Neanover, James W. [gc]

Neeley, Carlos [gc]

Newman, John [rm]

Nichol, George M. [hr]

O'Leary, Mike [rm]

Ogle, Harry [rm]

Osterberger, D.

Osterberger, H.

Parker, Leon

Peck, Charles H. [gc]

Petri, Melvin [hr]

Pharis, Harry [hr]

Pierson, Wilbur L. [gc] and [hr]

Platt, Curtis A. [gc]

Popst, Andrew [hr]

Popst, Fred [hr]

Popst, Thomas [hr]

Prater, Travis [rm]

Price, William C. [gc]

Rawlins, Preston L. [gc]

Richardson, Mark [rm]

Rohr, Virginia R. [gc]

Rumgay, Robert

Russell, Arthur W. [gc]

Russell, David [rm]

Russell, Gary [rm]

Russell, Kenneth [rm]

Sergent, Troy Edward [gc]

Sewell, Loren [hr]

Schlabach, John [hr]

Schlabach, Paul [hr]

Schlabach, Robert

Schlabach, Robert Jr. [hr] [rm]

Schriver, Harold [hr]

Schwab, Leonard [hr]

Schwab, Thomas [hr]

Smith, Paul A.

Snavely, Jacob Jr. [gc]

Stang, Earl Herman [gc]

Steele, Jack [rm]

Summers, Harry [hr]

Transier, Wesley M. [gc]

Teckman, Charles [rm]

Thomas, Gordon [hr]

Thome, George [rm]

Uhl, William [hr]

Uhl, Charles [hr]

Vereker, Donald R. [gc]

Wagonfield, Charles [rm]

Wagonfield, Eugene [hr]

Weiss, Paul [gc] and [hr]

Wiley, Eldon [hr]

Wiley, Jack [rm]

Wiley, Roger [rm]

Wiley, Ronald [rm]

Winterrod, Frank [rm]

Wisecup, Kenneth, R. [gc]

Witherby Charles [hr] [rm]

Witherby, Harold [hr]

Wright, Charles [hr]

Wyckoff Eldon [hr] [rm]

Yaekle, Robert [rm]