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The group organized as a way for members to combat theft of livestock.

Chartered by the Ohio legislation in 1887, this local group continues to meet annually.

Information about the establishment and perpetuation of the Darrtown Protection Company appears in the following slide show.   

The slide show includes the notes that Mr. R. Kirk Mee II used when he addressed the members of the protection company, on February 5, 1983. Mr. Mee offered a perspective on the history of the stock protection company.

     > The first seven slides display Mr. Mee's original typedwritten address, with handwritten notations.

     > The next six slides are reproductions of Mr. Mee's notes and are more legible than the originals.  

The slide show plays automatically; however, you may control it by placing your cursor on the screen to pause and scroll or use the arrows at the either side of the screen to view slides at the left or right.

Information about the Darrtown Protection Company appears at the Wabash College website. See livestock loss prevention.  

Crawfordsville, Indiana

It was discovered, in November 2018, that Wabash College, of Crawfordsville, Indiana, possesses information about the Darrtown Stock Protection Company. The connection between the two entities is unknown.

In the event that the Wabash College record of the Darrtown Protection Company is removed from the Internet, images of the content are reproduced below.

1977- February: 90th Stock Protection Association Meeting

"The Darrtown Stock Protective Association members had their annual 90th meeting, Saturday night in the social room of the United Methodist Church. Promptly at 6:30 o’clock, president Kirk Mee had the invocation after which an oyster and buffet supper which had been prepared by the Ladies Auxiliary was served.


Following the meal, Mr. Mee presided at the business session, when reports were read, new members welcomed, and the election of officers was held.


The Darrtown Bi-Centennial project, in which Darrtown participated with Oxford was sponsored by the Stock Protective Association with Mr. Mee a member of the committee. Mrs. William Miller represented the Ladies Auxiliary in the project and at the Saturday night meeting gave a complete report of the project. The float was entered in five parades, received two trophies and third prize at the Butler County Fair and received invitations to join in neighboring parades. The project was entirely voluntary - with financial support and workmanship give by organizations and individuals. A vote of appreciation was extended to all, with special recognition given to James Robbins, Raymond Wiley, John Haskins, Warren Hansel, Mesdames William Miller, Granville Wills, Warren Hansel, and Miss Mary Hansel, who represented the Statute of Liberty, the float’s theme. Mr. Mee was also extended thanks for promoting the outstanding community representation.


At the Saturday night meeting, Butler County Sheriff Robert Walton was the guest speaker and he was made an honorary member of the organization. New members accepted were James Robbins, Raymond Wiley, Frank and George Kyger. The two latter are grandsons of the late H. D. Kyger, noted horseman, who was one of the promoters of the organization, one of the oldest in Butler County.


At the election, officers, as follows were reelected: President, Kirk Mee; Vice President, Luther McVicker; Secretary, Ernest L. Miller; Treasurer, Warren Hansel.


Following Sheriff’s Walton’s speech, brief remarks were made by Walter Alston, retired Los Angeles Dodgers Manager and Kirk Mee III, Assistant Coach of the Washington Redskins. James Hoerner made an announcement of the Livestock Referendum, when the A.S.C. farmers will have an opportunity to vote.


The annual event was attended by members of families who were promoters of the long-time group and others who have become residents of the community in later years from neighboring villages and cities.


Little, Miss Mindy Mee, four year old granddaughter of the President, Kirk Mee II and Mrs. Mee, was the youngest person in attendance."

1983 - February: 96th Stock Protection Association Meeting

The following information was excerpted from a news article that appeared in the Oxford Press (February, 1983) and was written by Bob White. The headline to this news article read: "Son, R. Kirk Mee, III, Heads Redskins Pro Scouting"


"Attending Super Bowl XVII, as parents of a son closely involved with the Washington Redskins was a 'once in a lifetime experience,' according to Oxford's Kirk Mee and Bette Mee.


Speaking at the 96th annual meeting of the Darrtown Stock Protection Company, held Saturday evening at the Darrtown United Methodist Church, R. Kirk Mee, II, told of their trip to Los Angeles and the Pasadena Rose Bowl game, in which the Redskins dunked the Miami Dolphins 27-17. Mr. Mee has long served as the President of the historic Darrtown organization and his son, R. Kirk Mee, III, Director of Pro Scouting for the Washington Redskins, is also a member.


Young Kirk flew to the West Coast a day ahead of his parents and met them at the airport…Because, most of his Pro Scout duties had been completed during the earlier playoffs, Kirk was also free to accompany his parents and his wife, Georganne, to the social events. Super Bowl XVII marked the first time in twelve years of married life that Kirk and Georganne were able to sit together for a game featuring a team with which Kirk was associated; ignoring his Super Bowl sideline pass, Kirk joined his wife and parents in the 55th row…Following the Super Bowl game, the Mees also attended the post-game dinner and a sit-down banquet for 2000, including both Redskin and Dolphin management, spouses, relatives, and friends…‘It was thrilling to us to note how many of the players came up to congratulate Kirk and thank him for the contribution which his scouting had in the Redskins’ victory,’ said Mr. Mee.


Prior to the talk, the Protection Association members held an oyster supper and during the business meeting reelected the officers, who, in addition to President Mee, include Luther McVicker, Vice President; Warren Hansel, Treasurer; and Bill Miller, Secretary.


The association also welcomed two new members: Alan Kyger, of Oxford and Mark Kyger of Dayton. They are the sons of Frank Kyger and nephews of George ‘Bunny’ Kyger, longtime members of the Stock Protection Company, as was their father, George Flenner Kyger. The young men’s great-grandfather, Hueston Daniel Kyger, for whom Alan’s two-year old son is named, was a son of Milford Township pioneer, Daniel Kyger and a charter member and early president of the Darrtown Stock Protection Company."

A follow-up news article about the 1983 Darrtown Protection Company meeting


Following the February 5, 1983 meeting, when Kirk Mee II presented his remarks (see the slide show, above), the following news article and the photo at the right appeared in the February 10, 1983 edition of the Oxford Press.

"All officers of the Darrtown Stock Protection Company were reelected during the annual meeting held at the United Methodist Church in Darrtown Saturday. They include, left to right, standing Bill Miller, Secretary; Luther McVicker, Vice President; and Kirk Mee II, President; with Treasurer Warren Hansel, seated."

1984 - February: 97th Stock Protection Association Meeting

"Reelection is traditional for the Darrtown Stock Protective Company, which also carried on a custom with its oyster supper preceding the 97th annual meeting held at the Darrtown Methodist Church last Saturday night. Officers reelected included left to right, Luther McVicker, who joined the community protection association in 1928 and has served as Vice President since 1937; Warren Hansel, who followed in the footsteps of his father, Charles Hansel, the two holding the Treasurer’s office since 1920; and R. Kirk Mee II, President, an office he has held since 1955. Bill Miller was also reelected to the post of Secretary, which he has held for some time, but was not present at the Saturday meeting. Ken Menke was accepted as a new member of the historic organization."

ABOVE: Left to right: Luther McVicker, Warren Hansel, and Kirk Mee II.

1987 - February: 100th Stock Protection Association Meeting

The following article and accompanying photo appeared in the February 11, 1988 edition of the Oxford Press. 

Persons shown in the photo above include (L-R): Warren Hansel, Luther McVicker, Richard Coombs, Wm. Miller, Fred Woodruff, Jr., Phillip Shriver, and R. Kirk Mee, II.

Darrtown Stock Protection Company celebrates 100th anniversary

The annual meeting of the Darrtown Stock Protection Association was held February 12, 1987, in the community room of the Darrtown Methodist Church. This event marked the 100th such meeting in the history of the organization.

1988 - February: Stock Protection Association Meeting No. 101

ABOVE: Kirk Mee III (left) and his father, Kirk Mee II (right) are seen with Weeb Ewbank (middle).

"DARRTOWN - The 101st Meeting and Oyster Dinner of the Darrtown Stock Protection Company met Saturday night at 6:30 p.m., at the Darrtown United Methodist Church with dinner of oyster stew, scalloped oysters, and fried oysters, prepared by the Woman’s Auxiliary of the Association. The dinner also included covered dishes brought in by the members and their wives. Kirk Mee, Sr., gave the invocation.


After the dinner, the business meeting was held. 27 members and 3 guests were present. Bill Miller, Secretary, read the minutes of last year’s meeting. Warren Hansel gave the Treasurer’s report."

The same officers were reelected for another year: Kirk Mee, Sr., President; Luther McVicker, Vice President; William Miller, Secretary; and Warren Hansel, Treasurer.

Weeb Ewbank, former coach of the New York Jets, who attended the Super Bowl and Kirk Mee, Sr., who also attended, gave a short account of the game. Kirk Mee, Jr., who is a scout for the Washington Redskins, gave a short talk about the team, the Super Bowl, and some of their games last year. A question and answer session was held after his talk.


Jeff Patton, from Toledo, Ohio, a senior at Miami University, was then introduced. He is writing about the history of Darrtown. This is a project, which he has to do, and he chose the village of Darrtown and surrounding areas as his project.


Paul Jewell and Ernest Wengler were taken in as new members.


Members and their wives who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. William Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Corbin, Mr. and Mrs. Weeb Ewbank, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Guiler, Mr. Fred Guiler, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hansel, Mr. Ray Henry, Mr. and Mrs. James Hoerner, Mr. and Mrs. William Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Luther McVicker, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Mee, Sr., Mr. Kirk Mee, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Marion, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ogle, Mr. and Mrs. James Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Simison, Mr. and Mrs. George Thome, Dr. James Thompson, Mr. Robert White, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woodruff, Mr. and Mrs. John Woodruff, Mr. Richard Coombs, Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Shriver, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jewell, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wengler and Mrs. Lela Alston, and Mrs. Virginia Teckman, and guest, Jeff Patton."

1989 - February: Stock Protection Association Meeting No. 102

The persons shown in the images below were present at the annual meeting of the Darrtown Protection Association held in 1989.

Wilbur "Weeb" Eubank (left) and Dr. Phillip Shriver (right)

New members, Dwight Miller (left) and Charles Teckman (right), appear with Association president, R. Kirk Mee II (center)

The following news article appeared in the Oxford Press (February, 1977) and was provided by Kirk Mee III



This image of the DSPC membership card was contributed by Cynthia Mee.