Sat. Jan. 29 - I went to Hamilton to buy fur. Not many brought in. Not much being caught now. Fur-bearers seem to be getting thinned out, especially muskrat and skunks.

Tue. Feb. 1 - This PM I went to Seven Mile to attend 2nd degree work in the K of P lodge 459. Red stumbled and fell down coming home and broke his harness. We patched it up and got home OK. __?__ was with me.

Tue. Feb. 8 - I took fur to Hamilton & shipped $125 worth to H. K. Pence & Co., New York City. I drove to see a party southwest of Hamilton and from there home. Tomorrow I go to Liberty, Ind. to see Jas. Gregory.

Wed. Feb. 9 - I went to Liberty, Ind. & succeeded in buying 3,571 muskrats of Jas. Gregory. 3206 rats at 60 cents and 265 at __?__ cents equals $1,963.75

Mon. Feb. 28 - Roads are becoming almost impassible. Arnold took me to Collinsville. I went to Richmond on __?__ (l r s?) for H. L. Pence & Co. of New York City. A freight wreck this PM delay our train and make me late getting home. Arnold was waiting for me at the Sta.

Mon. Mar. 7 - Arnold and I helped Wm. Pearson to put in his telephone line today. We had good success and got some finished ready for wire. Mr. Folk of near Jerico called up & I arranged with him to put in a line. He pays $20.00 for first year & the regular rate thereafter.

Tue. Mar. 8 - I went up to Mr. Folk's & stepped off line to find it takes 9 poles on his road & 4 on Richmond Pike = 13. Mr. Folk came down this AM & hauled the poles. I went to Oxford to get 1 bale of #12 BB & 20 oak brackets & 4 fuse blocks & 20 lb. of spikes.

Thu. Mar. 10 - Mr. R. Manrod called to see about telephone. He will put in poles. I stretch wire. Also, Jim Slaubach wants line. I went out this PM & staked off some 33 poles in all. They will cut poles & get ready immediately. I took Wm. Pearson's post auger home - met him on the road & gave same to him.

Wed. Mar. 30 - A hot day. We did some work on line No. 10 this AM & this PM, being tired out and late, we rested from our labors. This AM, I sent out my quarterly statements, above 60. I took an order for a phone this AM from F. S. Bufler for the Petri farm - my old associate in the telephone biz. Eleven o'clock & bed time. The folks have retired.

Sat. Apr. 2 - I went to Hamilton & attended to some biz…I received a bag of sample muskrats from H. L. Pence Co…I paid off the H. D. Kyger note for Red. Balance due $32.63. Total cost being a partial payment note for $185.00 + $15.00 = $200 of $219.63.

Sat. Apr. 9 - Arnold and I put in two phones this PM. One at __?__ Manrod's. One at Jas. Slabach's. The generators would not work right on either of them. They can, however, get fair service out of the phones by getting a neighbor to ring Exchange, as they can ring their party line OK. It costs them nothing, until they do work OK. J. H. Ainsworth sends a man here Monday.

Sun. Apr. 17 - At home AM. This PM, I called to see "Dad" Irwin and talked with him probably for the last time. We talked about fishing, turtle hunting, and mushrooms.

Mon. Apr. 18 - Arnold took me to Collinsville, O. & I went to Richmond, Ind. to consult with Shively & Shively, atty. -I then went to Cinti. and Norwood to attend Council meeting, in place of J. H. Ainsworth of Dayton. Mr. Ware of Grand Rapids, Mich., secretary of National Association, was present to get Ind. franchised. __?__ crowd was on hand as usual. Nothing done - postponed.

Tue. Apr. 19 - Cold & raw. Snow at Palace Hotel this AM. I left on __?__ C H & D train for Hamilton. I came out with Jacob Buler to Dick McVicker's. Arnold drove down after me. Home at dusk & glad to get back.

Sat. Apr. 23 - Arnold went to Hamilton this AM with Kirk Mee in auto. I looked after chicks. I have a nice lot of them.

Sun. Apr. 24 - -Mrs. Miller called on Mrs. Sylvester Irwin who was widowed by the death of her husband, Sylvester Irwin.

Mon. Apr. 25 - A cold day. At home, looking after chick and chores. I attended the obsequies of Sylvester Irwin, known as "Dad." A noted character. I was chosen one of the pall bearers. Mr. Irwin was a good friend of ours. Peace to his ashes. We bury his faults with him and they shall go unnamed by us.

Thu. May 5 - -Attended the obsequies of Glen Harris, son of Jos. F. & Lulie (?) Harris, who are now divorced. Both are at the funeral - having brought the body from South McAllister, Oklahoma.

Thu. May 12 - Got ready to go to West Chester to visit my father & mother‚ (describes some business in Hamilton)‚ I then drove to West Chester in 1 hr. 35 minutes, on a jog. I found the folks fairly well for their age of life.

Fri. May 13 - I knocked around West Chester today talking to old acquaintances, Father & I took a drive up to Maud, O. & met a few friends & gave the horse a little exercise.

Sat. May 14 - After dinner, I bid the folks good by & left for home @ 1:40 PM. I arrived home at 5:04 having stopped 40 minutes in Hamilton and ten minutes at Hesse, the gardener. The drive in a jog was 2 hr. 34 min. walking the horse on all steep grades.

Wed. May 18- -I have not seen the much talked of Halley's Comet. Many people thought that it would hit the Earth today and have prepared for the worst. __?__ and ignorant __?__ are panic stricken.

Sat. May 21- -I attended meeting of the Darrtown Horse Protection Association this PM. I was honored as Representative to Co. Association to be help Jan 1911 - the last Saturday.

Thu. May 26 - I called at the Kyger Bros. this PM. The kids attended the commencement at Collinsville this PM.

Fri. May 27 - Eva and Bell went to Hamilton this PM by auto. Kirk Mee's auto.

Fri. June 3 - George Kolb called and paid telephone rent (?) from Oct. 1 / 09 to July 1 / 10. $11.22              

Mon. June 6 - Coming home the PM [from Hamilton] it was cold enough to see the vapor from the horse's breath. Something I never have seen at this time of year before.

Wed. June 8 - At home sawing wood this AM. Arnold & I put in pole at Clint (?) Hacker's and pulled slack and tied in at L. D. Herron's. Also did a little trimming of trees.

Thu. June 9 - [Mr. Miller reported a dog with a broken fore leg, due to the actions of a "heartless wretch."]

Tue. June 14 - Arnold and Belle left this AM with Kirk Mee & wife for Ada, O. Mrs. Miller and I are the whole cheese (?). Chas. Neanover brought    me a load of hay ($11.17).

L. A. Miller Diary of 1910 (Excerpted by Fred Lindley)


NOTES TO THE READER: Mr. L.A. Miller, a longtime resident of Darrtown, Ohio, wrote an entry in his journal for every day of the year. The entries that appear below were selected and excerpted, because they reference Darrtown people, places, and events and/or portray life, as it occurred during this particular year.

Clarifying comments (available at the bottom of this document are provided on the assumption that some of Mr. Miller’s terms, colloquial expressions, and/or references, may have lost their meaning, with the passage of time. Most terms and/or references are clarified, when they furst appear in the collection of Mr. Miller’s diaries and not addressed thereafter. Consequently, the L. A. Miller diaries are better understood, if one reads them in chronological order.

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