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Sometimes, when people "talk in threes," they mention "planes, trains, and automobiles."

To commemorate the Darrtown Bicenetennial, the Steering Committee generated a trio of bicentennial souvenirs that can be described as..."playing cards, key fobs, and post cards."

Playing cards

Key fobs

Post cards

Commemorative Playing Cards


Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company of Erlanger, Kentucky, these top-quality playing cards, displayed the official Darrtown Bicentennial logo.

Design by FAL Services

Commemorative Key Fobs


Only 100 copies of this LIMITED EDITION key fob were produced.  

Each key fob displayed the Bicentennial logo on the front and an individual serial number on the back. These key fobs, manufactured by Team Powdercoating of Hinckley, Minnesota. measured 2.75 x 1.5 inches, and were powder coated, rather than painted, which provides outstanding color and durability.

Design by FAL Services

Commemorative Post Cards


The images at the left are eight of the 18 postcards that were sold at the Bicentennial.


Each postcard carried a caption on the back that provided information about the image.

Design by FAL Services

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