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LEFT: Darrtown native, Cynthia Mee shared this undated photo, from a Mee family photo album. The attire suggests early 20th century. Someone had labeled the image "Last Day of School."  We believe the Darrtown school is shown in the right background.

"Last day of school"

The following images come from the time period when elementary age children from Darrtown and nearby environs attended school at Darrtown. At some, unknown, point in time the local schools were restructured, so that the Collinsville school building housed the elementary students and the secondary students attended school at Darrtown.  


The report card image below (contributed by Cynthia Mee, daughter of Kirk Mee II) shows that, in April 1919, Kirk Mee Jr. (i.e., KIrk Mee II) successfully completed the second grade at Darrtown Public School and was promoted to the third grade. Marie C. Beaton is identified as the second grade teacher. Note that the "Parent or Guardian" section indicates that the report card was issued on the first Wednesday of each month (which is a departure from today's practice of issuing quarterly reports).

LEFT: Darrtown School 1925-1926 Grade 1

Teacher: Miss Marie Miller

Left to right: Carlisle Wolfe, Edith Geisler, Charles Uhl, Bernice Weiss, George Hansel, Jean Bradbury, Herbert Owens, Hazel Pfaff, and Edna Neanover.

Miss Marie Miller became Mrs. Marie (Miller) Schmidt.

RIGHT: Darrtown School 1925-1926 Grade 2

Teacher: Miss Marie Miller

Left to right: Carlyn Brown, Bobby Betz, Donald Irwin, Dwight Harris, Roy Tharp, Mildred Harris, Martha Grothaus, Verna Pfaff, and Della Hibbard.

LEFT: Darrtown School 1925-1926 Grade 3

Teacher: Unknown

Left to right: Arthur Fulmer, John Smith, Fred Grothaus, Mabel Withrow, Dorothy Harris, Helen Geisler, Thribia Hibbard, and Dell Miller.

RIGHT: 1929-30 Darrtown

Second Grade

Teacher: Unknown

Left to right: Back row: William Falk, Don McVicker, William Kash, and Raymond Geisler.

Front Row: Howard Cox, Helen McVicker, Mary Alice Neanover, and Eugene Wagonfield.

Donald McVicker lost his life, as a pilot, in WWII. See Recollections of Luther and Opal McVicker.

This photo was provided by Sally (Rinal) Johnson, granddaugther of Luther McVicker, who was Donald McVicker's father.

BELOW: This is an undated photo of Miss Marie Miller and Darrtown students. Given the membership of this class, we estimate that this image comes from the 1930's era. The names of the students that we have identified are listed below the image.

ABOVE (left to right):

FIRST ROW: Unknown, unknown, Dorothy Ward, Wanda Wolf, Helen McVicker, Mary Alice Neanover, Helen Judd, Dorothy Glardon, unknown, unknown, unknown.

SECOND ROW: Miss Marie Miller, Raymond Geisler, Donald Neanover, William Falk (lower and front of Donald). The boy in the white shirt, behind and between Helen McVicker and Mary Alice Neanover, is Eugene Wagonfield. All others in this row are unknown.

THIRD ROW: Keith Dynes, Herbert Paulin, Virgil Alston, ___ Imhoff, Eugene Guiler, unknown, and Warren Hansel.

BELOW: We recognize Miss Marie Miller as the teacher in the following photo, which we believe to be from 1931. We have identified some of the students - thanks to persons who attended the April 18, 2009 Darrtown Gathering. The names of those persons identified appear below the image.

If you can name any of the unidentified persons seen below, please use the link in the footer to contact the Darrtown.com Webmaster.

ABOVE: Kneeling at the front, far right: Bill Clark (with neck tie) and Dale Bufler (bib overalls).

Others, left to right:

FIRST ROW: None of the girls are identified; the boy standing at the right with sweater and collared shirt is Charlie Wagonfield.

SECOND ROW: the boy with the bow necktie is Val Joe Watkins. The boy at the right end of row two (wearing bib overalls) is Jimmie Bowman.

THIRD ROW: The second girl from the left (with bow in her hair) is Delores Uhl. The last girl in the third row (standing next to Miss Miller) is Vera Wyckoff.

FOURTH ROW: Second boy from left is Charlie Teckman. Fourth boy from left is Dewey Miller. Sixth boy from left is Clyde Wagonfield, Jr.

BELOW: On June 5, 2008, Hazel (Gintner) Green contributed the following image (circa 1920's) and identified the persons named below the photo. Hazel pointed out that the teacher was Opal Trew who later married Luther McVicker.

ABOVE - left to right:

Standing at left front - by himself: Paul Weiss

FIRST ROW: Irma Johns, Ruth Kramer, ___ Colgate, Hugh Decker, Hazel Gintner, John Bradbury, ___ Colgate, Raymond Schmidt, Vernon Bufler, Loretta ___.

SECOND ROW: Fred Popst, ______, Shirley Kramer, Nelson Ward, ______, Elizabeth Shaw, ___ Colgate, Homer Colgate.

THIRD ROW: Tom Popst, _____, Opal Trew (teacher), Marian Snavely, John Mee, and Ralph Schlabach.

BELOW: On June 5, 2008, Hazel (Gintner) Green contributed the following image (circa 1920's) and identified the persons named below the photo. Hazel said that the teacher was Ruth Teckman, who, according to Hazel, was a graduate of Miami University. Note: In the fall of 2013, Kirk Mee III visited with Hazel (Gintner) Green and she confirmed the information that appears beneath the following photo.


FIRST ROW: Hazel Gintner (who married ____ Green), Ruth Kramer (a cousin to Martha Kramer - seen at the far right of the first row), Irma Johns, Elizabeth Shaw, Ruth Leslie (who married Harry Fillager), Julia Johns, Ruth Ledwell, and Martha Kramer.

SECOND ROW: Fred Popst, Kirk Mee, Robert Shaw, Vernon Bufler, Paul Weiss, Charles Havens, Vernon Havens, and ____ Havens (Hazel said the three Havens boys were brothers), and John Bradbury.

BACK: Ruth Teckman (teacher)

BELOW: On June 5, 2008, Hazel (Gintner) Green contributed the following image (circa 1920's) and identified the persons named below the photo. Hazel identified the teacher as Mrs. Roll.


FIRST ROW: Charles Kirkbride, Nelson Ward, Vernon Bufler, Paul Weiss, Robert Shaw, and John Bradbury.

SECOND ROW: Hugh Decker, Margaret Grau, Hazel Gintner, Liz Kramer, Grace Knighton, Elizabeth Shaw, Violet Mars, Frances Weiss, Ruth Fillager, Martha Kramer, Ruth ___ .

THIRD ROW:  ______, ______, Mrs. Roll (teacher), Tom Popst, ______, Fred Popst, Vernon Colgate, and ___ Colgate.

Grade 4?

(circa - late 1920's)

The photo at the left shows another class taught by Miss Marie Miller. We are approximating the grade level and year.

Persons identified include: Front row (L-R): The second girl is Jean Bradbury and the third girl is Bernice Weiss. Back row: The boy in the middle is George Hansel.

From the background surroundings, we believe that this photo was taken on the front lawn of the Darrtown school.

RIGHT: Grades 3 & Grade 4 (?)

(circa - late 1920's)

Those students who appear in the photo above also are shown in the photo at the right. It seems that these two images were taken on the same day, as several of the students appear to be wearing the same attire in both photos.

The inclusion of the other (younger?) students in this photo may stem from the fact that teachers often taught combined grade levels.

Again, the teacher is recognized as Miss Marie Miller.

The Darrtown High School Class of 1932 as elementary students?

The following image was donated to the Darrtown.com website. Someone wrote names on the photo.

However, only two of the students in the following image were identified by both first and last names (Ilena Pierson and Dorothy Grau).

One female student was identified as “G. Bradbury.” The Bradbury family of Scott Road, east of Darrtown, included a daughter named “Gustabel.” We know that Gustabel Bradbury was a member of the Darrtown High School 1932 senior class. She appears in a photo of the 1932 senior class in the high school section of the Darrtown website and that high school photo helped identify several of the students seen in the elementary school (below).

Positing some "If -Then" statements:

If the students seen in the following photo are members of the 1932 Darrtown High School senior class,


If the students were first and/or second graders at the time that the photo was taken...

...then, the photograph would have been taken circa 1920 - 1921.


FRONT ROW: ___ Buck, Lester Bufler, and Carl Geisler

SECOND ROW:  K. Lewis, Helen Bufler, Ilena Pierson, ____ Bernard, Gustabel Bradbury, Dorothy Grau, ____ Grau

THIRD ROW: H. Shaw, unidentified male , Paul Krebs, ____ Zuber, Unidentified Teacher, and Glen Ward

FOURTH ROW: Robert Harris, ____ Popst, ____ Myers, and unidentified male

Webmaster Note: Paul Krebs (third row, third from the left) was identified on January 17, 2016, when Sibyl Harris emailed the following message: "The Krebs boy is, I believe, Paul Krebs. He is my father's cousin. My father is that darling little schnickelfritz, Robert Harris, in the upper left of this photo. His mother, my grandmother, Nelle Louella Krebs Harris, spoke a significant amount of German around the farmhouse, on the "home place" on Scott Rd."