Andrew, Cecelia -

Archdeacon, Tom - Dayton, Ohio

Baumann, Lawrence - Darrtown, Ohio

Baumann, Lester - ____ , California

Beckett, Don - Darrtown, Ohio

Bethel, Judy - ____ , California

Bowers, William Marc

Bufler, Dale - Hamilton, Ohio

Burke, Madonna (Alford)

Chafin, Darlene -

Coulter, Donald - ____ , Texas

Daniels, Betty (Lindley) - Hamilton, Ohio

Daniels, John (Jack) - Hamilton, Ohio

Decker, Paul -

Derickson, Freda (Stumpf) - Hamilton, Ohio

Drake, Rob - Oxford, Ohio

Elliott, Valerie - Oxford, Ohio

Evans, Marna - Oxford, Ohio

Evans, Rebecca - Oxford, Ohio

Falk, Donald - Oxford, Ohio

Fawcett, Linda (Mee) -

Fea, Naomi (Witherby) - Clayton, Ohio

Fillager, Harry - Oxford, Ohio

Fillager, Sueann - Oxford, Ohio

Flick, Phyllis (Brooks) -

Gallagher, Donna (Jewell) - Darrtown, Ohio

Garver, Debbie - Darrtown, Ohio

Garver, Larry - Darrtown, Ohio

Genton, Terry - Pensacola, Florida

Green, Hazel - Darrtown, Ohio

Guiler, Bruce - Darrtown, Ohio

Guiler, Steve -

Haskins, Joan (Teckman) - Darrtown, Ohio

Jankowski, Stan -

Jewell, Paul “Pete” - College Corner, Ohio

Jewell, Janet (Baumann) - College Corner, Ohio

Johnson, Kim - Hinckley, Minnesota

Johnson, Sally (Rinal) - Hinckley, Minnesota

Jolivette, Sandy (Ward) - Darrtown, Ohio

Jordan, Mike - Cape Coral, Florida

Klippenstein, Terri (Baumann) - ____ , California

Kyger, Alan - Oxford, Ohio

Laughlin, Donna - Oxford, Ohio

Lemmons, Ida Mae - Darrtown, Ohio

Lindley, Bernice - Hamilton, Ohio

Lindley, Albert - Hamilton, Ohio

Madden, Robin -

Marchant, Helen (Wills) -

Martin, Betty Mae (Alston) - Darrtown, Ohio

Martin, Rick - Darrtown, Ohio

McVicker, Luther - Darrtown, Ohio

McVicker, Opal - Darrtown, Ohio

Menke, Dane - Seven Mile, Ohio

Menke, Pamela - Hamilton, Ohio

Mee, Cynthia -

Mee, Kirk II - Darrtown, Ohio

Mee, Kirk III - Centreville, Virginia

Miller, Alan - Hamilton, Ohio

Miller, Alice (Kramer) - Darrtown, Ohio

Miller, Ginger - Darrtown, Ohio

Miller, Harlan -

Mohler, Jean (Daily) -

Neel, Cheryl -

Niehaus, Lisa (Thome)

O’Brien, Fay (Dees) - Upland, California

Ogle, Harry - Darrtown, Ohio

Ogle, Kim - Oxford, Ohio

Ogle, Rob - ____ , California

Pater, Joe - Oxford, Ohio

Petri, Janice (Wills) -

Popst, Andy - Fairfield, Ohio

Richardson, Deanna (Lemmons) - Darrtown, Ohio

Rudy, Linda (Portwood) - Marion, Ohio

Russell, Carolyn - Darrtown, Ohio

Russell, Marvin - Hamilton, Ohio

Schultz, Paulette

Simison, Larry - Hamilton, Ohio

Teckman, Charles - Oxford, Ohio

Teckman, Virginia - Darrtown, Ohio

Thome, Faye (Bufler) - Darrtown, Ohio

Wagonfield, Delores - Hamilton, Ohio

Wagonfield, Eugene “Knute” - Hamilton, Ohio

Weiss, Bill - Hamilton, Ohio

Weiss, Frances - Fr. Meyers, Florida

Weiss, Kay -  

Weiss, Linn - Darrtown, Ohio

Weiss, Paul - Darrtown, Ohio

Wiley, Ron - Oxford, Ohio

Yauger, Barbara (Harris)

Young, Irene - Darrtown, Ohio

Young, Robert - Hamilton, Ohio

In an attempt to recognize and thank the people who have shared artifacts and memories with the website, the following list was compiled.

This list is a work in progress; names will be added as new contributors submit items and/or information.

They say,