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William Wiley

William "Bill" Wiley has "Darrtown Pioneer" status, because he was the first Wiley to be associated with Darrtown.


Bill's wife, Pauline Keppler, is not a "Darrtown Pioneer," because she was not the first Keppler family member to live in Darrtown.


The following image shows the first three generations of the Wiley-Keppler branch of the Darrtown Family Tree.

The Raymond Wiley family

Raymond Kenneth Wiley


Emma Matilene (Cartwright) Wiley (1912-2008)

Raymond Kenneth Wiley was born in Cleveland, Ohio, August 9, 1912.

At a young age, Ray was adopted by family relatives, William and Pauline (Pearl) Wiley. Consequently, his surname did not change. At the time of his adoption, Bill, Pearl, and Ray lived on a farm on Nichol Road, south of Darrtown.

Ray graduated from Darrtown High School, in 1930 where he played on the basketball and baseball teams.

Ray married Emma Matilene Cartwright, a classmate, in 1930. They moved to Columbus, Ohio where Ray delivered milk door-to-door, with a horse and wagon. Their first son, Roger, was born there.

The Raymond Wiley family moved to Dayton, Ohio where Ray drove a door-to-door bread delivery truck. Their second son, Ronald, was born there.

The Wiley family moved to Hamilton, Ohio for a short time; then to Darrtown in 1939.

Ray drove milk delivery trucks in Hamilton and Oxford for Frechtling, French Bauer and Wehr dairies. Ray later worked in sub-station maintenance for Cincinnati Gas & Electric. Upon retirement in 1974, Ray enjoyed woodworking and made many fine wood pieces for family members.

Raymond Wiley died July 20, 2000.

Emma Matilene (Cartwright) Wiley was born in Sedorus, Illinois June 28, 1912.  

Shortly after, the family moved to a farm, down the road from Piney Flats, TN where she grew up.

They moved to Ohio, and she entered Darrtown High School, as a junior, graduating in 1930 and marrying her classmate, Raymond Wiley.

She was a proud homemaker and was well known for her gardening, cooking, and canning.

Two sons, Roger and Ron were born to this marriage.

In her final years, she thrived in the assisted-living wing of Westover Retirement Community in Hamilton, Ohio. Emma was sought several times for her keen memory of Darrtown events and people.

Emma (Cartwright) Wiley died August 9, 2008.

ABOVE: Ray Wiley on back of car.

LEFT: Ray Wiley on back of horse.

RIGHT: Madeline and

Ray Wiley in their garden.


Ray Wiley in delivery uniform; the French-Baur truck that Ray drove; sons Ron and Roger in door of truck.

History lesson from a Wiley artifact

The image at the right shows a "Memorandum Certificate of Title" for an 1935 Chevrolet automobile that Ray Wiley purchased from the Bourne Garage of Oxford Ohio, on June 13, 1939.  

A "Prepaid Sales Tax" stamp appears in the upper left corner of this image.  

To read an explanation of why this stamp was affixed to the title, click the following link: Ohio Prepaid Sales Tax.

Wiley family genealogy discovered in obituary

In late September 2018, during a search for the names of former pastors at the Darrtown Lutheran church. the Darrtown.com webmaster found information about the Wiley family ancestral tree. The obituary of Anna Bell (Sprauge) Wiley surfaced and the other Wiley names were revealed.

See Anna Belle's obituary at the right or, if desired see it at this website:  http://www.darrtown.com/people/individuals-r-z.html

When informed of this discovery, Ron Wiley responded with the following email message, which he agreed to have included here.


On 9/30/18, 5:47 PM, Ronald Wiley wrote:

The Wiley Brothers of Darrtown - Roger and Ronald


Roger was born September 16, 1935 in Columbus, Ohio. He completed elementary school at Collinsville School, and then graduated from Seven Mile High School in 1953.

He graduated from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) with a B.S. in Education majoring in Physical Education. He earned a Master of Education in 1968, with a major in Counseling.

Roger began teaching at Hanover Junior High School (Butler County, Ohio), while still an undergraduate at Miami University. He continued at Hanover until 1958.

He taught and coached at Hoaglin-Jackson High School in Van Wert County, Ohio during the next two years. In 1960, he moved to Fairfield High School (Butler County) where he taught and coached.

In August, 1967, Roger joined the admissions staff at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. He was named director of admissions in February, 1971.

In August, 1976 he was named director of admissions at Eastern Michigan University. In 1980 he joined the Educational Division of Stein Company in Atlanta, Georgia and in 1984 he moved to The Phoenix Company, also in Atlanta. During this period of time, Roger worked with colleges and universities as they developed marketing programs to attract student to enroll.

In 1992, Roger returned to college counseling at a local (Atlanta, Georgia) high school. He retired in 2001, but continues working at his high school on a part-time basis.

His hobby is running. Roger has run 11 marathons, the first when he was age 63.


Ron Wiley, like his brother Roger, completed elementary school at Collinsville School, and graduated from Seven Mile High School (Ohio).

Ron was a member of the 1955 graduating class at Seven Mile. He graduated from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) in 1959.

Ron began teaching at Talawanda High School in Oxford, Ohio. He received his Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Kentucky.

He returned to Miami University and became a professor of cardiopulmonary physiology.

Ron authored numerous papers on the subject of exercise and blood pressure. Ron discovered the effect of controlled hand isometric exercises on blood pressure when he was working with U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter pilots during the 1970's as a scientist at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

After two decades of research, he developed a precise protocol to effectively lower blood pressure. Based on these results, the CardioGrip was invented.

Ron served as the chairman of the Darrtown Bicentennial Committee and he has contributed some of his memories of life in Darrtown. See Recollections of Ron Wiley.

L-R: Roger and Ronald Wiley

Unless indicated otherwise, the images and info on this page were contributed by Ron Wiley.

"I will fill you in on some anecdotes about some of these family members. I do not have a lot of detail because we were not a family that got together or visited much. So only closer relatives were in my memories.

Anna Belle Wiley was referred to as "Aunt Annie", her husband "Uncle Mike", by my father.

The daughter Mrs. Frank Woodrey was nicknamed "Toody, rhyming with Woody. The daughter, Mrs. Harry Pierson, was Mary; they lived in the small house on the sharp turn on Schollenbarger Rd. where you turn north to go to Rt. 73.

John Wiley - I'm working on remembering what he did and where he lived.

William Wiley is my grandpa Bill - owner of Hitching Post with g'ma Pearl (Pauline).

Louis was my great uncle - ran the tool crib at Champion Paper, married to Hazel, and was called Cy.

Harry, I don't remember.

Leroy was Roy who owned Wiley's cafe in Millville, later sold real estate.

Spelling: it was Mrs. Jacob Gfroerer.

I don't remember anything about Emma Jones, Mrs. Ray Kimbrough, or Mrs. Ray Kimbrough, Mrs. Roy Cameron, nor Mrs. Ella Hawley.

This is fun, bringing back memories.


WEBMASTER NOTE: Louis Wiley's home, on Darrtown Pike, was located two miles SOUTH of Darrtown.

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