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Arthur Russell

The Russell family connection to Darrtown began with Arthur and Elinore Russell.


As noted in the images at the right and below, the 1940 US Census report identified the Russell family members as Arthur and Elinor and their two sons Kenneth and Douglas.

In 1940, the Russells lived on Webster Street, in Hamilton, Ohio. The Russells moved from Hamilton to a home that sat in the southwest corner of Darrtown Pike and Harris Road. That dwelling has since been razed. The Russells then moved to Darrtown and lived in the house seen in folowing photo.

Webmaster Note: In mid-February 2009, Marvin Russell contributed the photo of the Russell home (above) and the photos that appear below. When more information about the Russell family is found and/or received, it will be posted here.

ABOVE: Carolyn Lemmons and Kenny Russell (circa mid-to-late 1950's)

ABOVE: Marvin Russell provided the image of this new, unoccupied house. He reported that the Rice family moved into this dwelling, which sits on the east side of West Street, south of Schollenbarger Road. The signs in the front yard (at left edge of photo) advertised the Bufler construction company, which built most of the 1950's-era homes that populate the southern areas of Darrtown (near West Street, Darrtown Road, East Street, and Scott Road).

ABOVE: This brick structure was the schoolhouse that preceded the Darrtown High School. It is located at the intersection of West Street and Schollenbarger Road.

Marvin Russell contributed this photo. In Marvin's words: "I said that was Jim Stevens' place; but that is where his Dad and Mom lived and owned and Jim lived there. His dad was nicknamed 'Shorty' Stevens. I used to carry the coal in about three or four days a week in 5 gallon buckets for Shorty and he would give me five dollars a week. I also would mow his grass, about an acre when needed for $3.00 with a gas, 22 inch, push mower. This was between 1961 and 1964."

While attending the April 18, 2009 "Darrtown Gathering," George Thome reported that Ed Fowler lived in this building during the 1930's. George added that Ed bought the property for $2000 and later sold it for $4000.

ABOVE: This image shows Darrtown's Main Street (State Route 177) - looking north from in front of Don's Carry-Out (note the Pepsi sign at the left).  

The house at the right side of the photo was the Browning home during the early 50's. Persons attending the April 18, 2009 "Darrtown Gathering" reported that Mike Floyd and his sister, Sue, also lived there.

Marvin Russell, reported that this photo was taken in 1963.

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