1919: (10 scores reported; seven wins for Darrtown)

June 1: A hot day. A baseball game in town today. Oxford vs. Darrtown. Score 8 to 2 favor of Darrtown.

June 15: Another hot day & baseball this PM. Darrtown vs. Somerville. 14-4, in favor of Darrtown…

July 6: …Baseball game at Darrtown this PM. Darrtown vs. Reily. 3-9 score, in favor of Reily.

Aug. 3: A hot day. A hot baseball game in the village. Darrtown vs. Ludlows of Hamilton. Score 13 to 3, favor of Darrtown.

Aug. 17: …A great game. Niles of Hamilton vs. Darrtown. Score 3-19. Favor of home team – Darrtown. Our team has been doing good work this season.

Aug. 24: …I went to Trenton, O. this PM to see Baseball game. Trenton vs. Darrtown. 7-8. Hurray for Darrtown. A great game.

Aug. 31: Cool again. At home. Arnold & wife went to Somerville to attend baseball game. Somerville vs. Darrtown. Score 4-9. Same old story. Darrtown at the front.

Sept. 7: A hot day. A hot hot baseball game Darrtown vs. Walnuts. 3-14. The Darrtown team took in too much territory this time.

Sept. 14: Another warm one. A great game of baseball today. Darrtown vs. Colonials. 7-4.

Sept. 21: At home. Darrtown vs. Trenton. Baseball teams came to bat at 2:30; but, were rained out. To be played next Sunday.

Sept. 28: A hot baseball game here today. Trenton vs. Darrtown. 13-6. Darrtown had no support. Their line-up failed to come and a number of [?] had to be substituted to have any game at all…

1920: (13 scores reported; 10 wins for Darrtown)

May 16: A baseball game here this PM between the home team and the Lindens of Hamilton. Score: 23-10, in favor of the home team.

May 23: …the town went to Hamilton this PM to witness Baseball game between Darrtown & Lindens. Won, 6-5…

May 30: I attended a Baseball game at Darrtown Ball grounds this PM. Darrtown vs. West End of Hamilton, Ohio. 16 to 9, favor of Darrtown.

June 6: A Baseball game this PM. Darrtown vs. the Foresters of Hamilton. Score 6 to 7, favor of Foresters. A close contested game. Darrtown had a man on 3rd and one at bat, with 2 outs. The batter fanned out.

June 13: Baseball this PM. Darrtown vs. Oxford. 14-1. A close game up to the sixth or 7th inning, when Oxford began to slip badly.

June 27: Arnold went to Brookville Baseball game; Darrtown team vs. Brookville. Score 10 to 4 favor of the Darrtown team…

July 18: …Baseball game. Darrtown vs. Foresters. 7 to 8, in favor of Darrtown.

Aug. 22: A cool day throughout. A Baseball game this PM. Beelers of Hamilton vs. Darrtown Tigers. 1 to 7 favor of the Tigers.

Sep. 19: At home AM. Attended Baseball game this PM. Darrtown vs. Cocoa Cola’s of Hamilton vs. Darrtown. Score 7 to 1 favor of Darrtown. Next Sunday, the Darrtown team plays Lindens of Hamilton.

Oct. 3: Baseball game today. Hoovens vs. Darrtown. 14 – 3. A bad blow-up for Darrtown, changed pitchers in the 8th, standing 3 to 3 & every thing went wrong.

Oct. 10: Baseball. Lindens vs. Darrtown. 10 -17. A clean up for Darrtown. The Hoovens come next Sunday.

Oct. 17: We all attended the Ball game. Hoovens vs. Darrtown. Score 0 to 1. Hod Eller pitched for Darrtown – Root for the Hoovens. The teams were very evenly matched. 3,000 people witnessed the game, over 2,200 pd. admissions, children free. 0 – 1 favor of Darrtown.

Oct. 24: The Big Game came off this PM. 3,000 people on the grounds. Hod Eller hurt & and could not come. Alston hurt in corn binder. Sheard shoulder broken in first Ball game. The new men proved a fizzle & Darrtown lost the Championship. Score 12 to 2 favor of the Hoovens. A walk-away, caused by three accidents. Putting out three of our main players. The substitutes were no good at all at all.

1921: 24 scores reported; 15 wins for Darrtown

Apr. 17: No baseball game and no practice today. Next Sunday is the big game. Darrtown vs. Potters (__Tramps?__) of Cinti. KOI game.

Apr. 21: …This PM, I attended the baseball game, Darrtown vs. Potters. A hotly contested game all the way through. Lack of practice on the part of Darrtown and teamwork beat them.

May 1: …A great ball game this PM. Darrtown vs. Edgewood. 10-0. A walk-away for Darrtown. 536 paid admissions.

May 8: …A big ball game this PM. Mabley & Carew vs. Darrtown. Score 11 to 4 favor of Mabley and Carew. Our team did good work up to 5th inning and then they went whiz. Blew up completely – the whole bunch – the pitcher and field as well. Should have changed pitchers in the 5th, by all means.

May 15: A great game this PM. KOI League. Newport vs. Darrtown. Darrtown walked away with Newport 13 to 2. Next Sunday, it will be Coca Cola vs. Darrtown.

May 22: …Ball game this PM and a good one. Darrtown vs. Coca Cola’s of Cincinnati. Score 2 to 1 favor of Darrtown. If umpire had done his duty, it would have been 3-0. But, everyone seemed satisfied and pleased.

May 29: …Ball game. Colonials vs. Darrtown. 7 to 4 favor of Darrtown.

June 5: …Ball game. Elmwood vs. Darrtown. 8 to 3. Darrrtown lost by a bad decision of umpire. Followed by still another bad decision that produced 5 R for Elmwood. The umpire quit after losing Darrtown’s game.

June 19: …I attended ball game this PM. Price Hill vs. Darrtown. Score: 2-6. Our new pitcher did well. Pell of Fosters Crossing, O.

June 26: …Baseball this PM. [__Goldus__ or __Gilders__?] vs. Darrtown. Score: 1-2. A great game – a good crowd & everyone satisfied.

July 3: …A ball game with a gang of boozed roughnecks from Middletown. Score 3-3, up to 8th inning, when roughnecks started a row.

July 4: …The hottest day of the season so far. Baseball at Middletown. Score Middletown 3 - Darrtown 14. The Darrtown team got good & even with the Middletown roughnecks. I did not go to see the slaughter.

July 10: A scorcher for heat (96 degrees) Ball game. Darrtown vs. Colonials of Cinti. Score 3 to 7 favor of Cinti. team. Poor playing by Darrtown – our pitcher was sick and the manager should not have let him gone in the box. Poor hitting, also.

July 17: A dry, hot Sunday. A local game of baseball was staged. 6 innings were played. Score 7 to 7. No one lost, everyone satisfied.

July 24: …I went to the KOI game at Darrtown Ball Park. Darrtown vs. Potters of Cinti. Darrtown lost – score 4 to 1 favor of Potters.

July 31: …Baseball game PM. Darrtown vs. Cycles. 8 to 2. A good game, until Cycles blew up in 5th inning.

Aug. 5: …A ball game this PM. A mixed crowd from Darrtown and Oxford played the Liberty Ind. Team. Liberty won easily.

Aug. 7: …We had the usual ball game. It has become a Sunday habit. Darrtown vs. Cycles of Hamilton. Cycles defeated in both games – which ends the series. Next Sunday, Hamilton vs. Darrtown.

Aug. 12: …Ball game this PM. Guber’s [?] team of Oxford. All old players, except one boy; the rest were men. The boy, W. Ramsey, did well for a long-legged kid. Score 6 – 4 favor of Darrtown.

Aug. 14: At home – a ball game this PM. Darrtown (12) vs. Hamilton (0). A general defeat.

Aug. 21: We went to Trenton to witness ball game between Darrtown and Trenton. Score 3 – 4 favor of Trenton.

Aug. 28: …Ball game PM. Darrtown vs. Trenton. Score 9 – 3 favor of Darrtown. A walkaway for Darrtown.

Sept. 2: At home. The ball game with Becketts of Hamilton just got started, when the rain set in…1 to 1…with two on base when rain stopped the game.

Sept. 3: …The game between Somerville and Darrtown this PM called off on account of rain.

Sept. 4: …No ball game today. Called off on account of ball grounds in bad condition & prospect of rain this PM. Having a quiet Sunday.

Sept. 11: We were getting ready to go to Brookville, Ind. to see ball game this PM; but, a big rain came up about 11 AM and game was declared off.

Sept. 18: …I attended a good game of baseball this PM. Darrtown vs. Trenton. Score 6 – 3, favor of Darrtown.

Oct. 2: …At home. Baseball this PM. Clippers vs. Darrtown. 7 – 0 favor of the Clippers.

Oct. 9: At home. Baseball game this PM. Clippers vs. Darrtown. Score: 4 – 3 favor of the Clippers. This closes the series and probably the season for the Darrtown baseball club.

1922: Nine scores reported; four wins for Darrtown

Apr. 22: Baseball today. K of C of Hamilton vs Darrtown. Score: 4-6 in favor of Darrtown.

Apr. 30: Baseball PM. Darrtown vs Hamilton team (Burgs). Score 5-12 favor of Hamilton team. Our boys blew up in the 6th, after they had the game won 5-2.

May 7: At home. This PM, I attended the Ball game. K of P of Hamilton vs Darrtown. Score 19-4 favor of K of P. A rotten game on the part of Darrtown.

May 21: …Baseball game this PM with small attendance. Scrub game and no one wants to see them.

May 28: …We watched the Ball game today from a distance…better playing than normal. Small crowd.

June 4: At home. Baseball, but no crowd. People don’t propose to be held up by a lot of scrubs at any price. They want to see a real amateur game – not a lot of city and county school boys posing as real ball players and demanding a price for an exhibition of awkwardness.

June 18: …I saw a scrub BaseBall game at a distance this PM.

June 25: …This PM, Bill and I went to Ballgame. Darrtown vs K of P of Hamilton. Score 12 to 2 favor of Darrtown.

July 2: …I went to the Ball game this PM. A good game. Darrtown vs Overpeck. 4- 6. Darrtown blew up in the 6th inning.

July 9: This PM, I attended the baseball game. Darrtown vs Foresters. Score 7-8. Not very interesting due to bad umpiring on part of Foresters’ umpires. The Foresters have always been bad actors. No sense of right. Win by unfair means.

Aug. 6: Darrtown very quiet today. Baseball dying out gradually.

Aug. 13: At home. I attended the baseball game this PM. Darrtown vs Lindens. Score 0- 7. A good game, despite the score.

Aug. 20: Bill and I went to see the Ball game this PM. Burgs vs Darrtown. Score: 8-9. Darrtown finally won in the last half of the 9th inning; making 5 runs. Had stood 8-4 favor of Burgs.

Sept. 10: Baseball this PM. Darrtown vs Armco. 12-2. Armco…of Middletown got a good trouncing.

1923: 10 scores reported; 6 wins for Darrtown

Apr. 22: …I attended the 1st ball game this PM. Darrtown vs Vrn Ginger Ale [?] of Cinti. …a KOI league (game). Score Darrtown 12 / V Ginger Ale 8. Darrtown 1st blood.

Apr. 29: Darrtown vs. Times Star – (score) 9 to 10. Bad umpiring and a few bonehead plays threw the game away for Darrtown.

May 6: … Saw ball game in the distance. Darrtown won 5-2 over Superbus.

May 13: … I attended a baseball game this PM. Darrtown vs. Elmwood. Eleven innings without a tally made by either side, until the last half of the 11th, when Darrtown got in a run. Score Darrtown 1 – Elmwood 0. One of the greatest games ever played on Darrtown Diamond, except the Hoovers vs Darrtown a few years ago, when Hod Eller pitched for Darrtown – when the score was 1 to 0 favor Darrtown. But, Darrtown made a score early in the game.

May 20: Showers AM – put the baseball game out for today.

May 27: …The usual ball game came off this PM. Darrtown vs. Goldies, or “Dolavardens” [?]. Darrtown won in a shower of rain.

June 3: …This PM, Arnold, Bill and I went to Brookville and saw Darrtown licked 11 to 3. Blew up, fizzled, funked. Quit. Too much heat for some and various other alibies.

June 10: …went to ball game. Darrtown vs Brookville, Ind. 5-6 in favor of Brookville. Our 1st and 2nd basemen outclassed…lost us the game. Attendance 600 about…

June 17: …Ball game…Darrtown vs Mabley and Carew. Score 6-4, favor of Mabley and Carew.

June 24: …No ball game here. Darrtown team went to Liberty, Ind. Score 6-5 favor of Darrtown.


July 16: …Baseball today. Jacksonburg – 3 vs Clarks – 4.

July 22: … A dull day. No baseball here today.

July 29: … Watched a local game of ball this PM and had a good laugh a number of times. More real fun than at a National league game.

Aug. 12: A rain came up…some wind here…too wet to play ball at Somerville. So, kids came to Darrtown and played. Somerville 4. Darrtown 10.


1919 = 7 wins / 3 losses

1920 = 10 wins / 3 losses

1921 = 15 wins / 9 losses

1922 = 4 wins / 5 losses

1923 = 6 wins / 4 losses

TOTAL = 42 wins / 24 losses


1. For the following reasons, this summary should NOT be considered as a final, all-inclusive record: There may have been games played by organized teams from Darrtown that:

(a) occurred during the seasons reported by Mr. L.A. Miller – but, were omitted.

(b) occurred prior to the seasons reported by Mr. L.A. Miller.

(c) occurred after the seasons reported by Mr. L.A. Miller.

2. The search continues for additional records regarding amateur baseball played by organized teams from Darrtown. If you can contribute information on this subject, please contact the Darrtown webmaster.


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The following information was compiled from the L.A. Miller dairies


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