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Mailed: November 05, 2016

Announcing! Two local events this month!

November 19: Craft Show in Darrtown


November 25: Country Dance in Collinsville

See details below...
"Christmas in November" Craft Show

Saturday, Nov. 19 ~ 10 AM to 4 PM

4280 Walnut Street ~ Darrtown, Ohio

(in the former Baptist Church building)


Look for it on Facebook!

RIGHT: This is the cover image

of the Craft Shack and Friends

Christmas in November

Facebook page.

If you are interested in setting up a booth, call Taylor Stang at 513-462-7954

or send a Facebook message to Taylor or Tracey Bolser at the

"Craft Shack and Friends Christmas in November" Facebook page.

BELOW: These two images were taken on September 10, 2016, during the dedication of the new playground equipment at E-Dot Park. The image at the right shows the message inscribed on the sign that stands in the foreground of the image at the left.



This image, of two youngsters climbing on the new playground equipment at

E-Dot Park, appeared on the Shanann Jordan Facebook page in late October.


It appears that this new structure is being well received by area youth.

Along Darrtown Road

The following Darrtown scenes first appeared on Elaine Russell Secula's Facebook page in mid-September, following her visit to Darrtown to attend the September 10th Darrtown Fall Festival.

Along Schollenbarger Road

Along Schollenbarger Road

Along Darrtown Road,

looking southwest from top of hill

Along Darrtown Road,

looking south from the bottom of the hill

A view of the Four Mile Creek,

from the bridge on Darrtown Road

Along Darrtown Road,

looking northeast toward Darrtown

"Plant the Promise" program

brings thoughts of tulips

appearing at E-Dot Park

next spring

Tulips were planted at E-Dot Park, along the West Street property line, on Saturday, October 29th, by volunteers organized by Amy Macechko of the Coalition for a Healthy Community-Oxford Area.


The planting was part of the "Plant the Promise" program, which is explained in the following article.

The Coalition for a Healthy Community-Oxford Area uses multiple strategies across multiple sectors of the community to engage individuals in the promotion of a healthier, safer community for all.


The “Plant the Promise” program provides a visual representation of the promises made by community residents to make healthy choices. Almost 4,000 red tulip bulbs will be planted this fall, throughout the Talawanda School District to celebrate Red Ribbon Week.


Red Ribbon Week is a national campaign designed to increase awareness of the dangers of substance use and the benefits of living a drug-free, healthy life.


In addition to planting at each school in the Talawanda District and multiple locations on Miami’s campus, numerous businesses, organizations, faith communities, and agencies support the program by having red tulip bulbs planted on their property. When the tulips are in bloom, they help to remind every individual in this community of their personal responsibility in promoting a healthy environment and the promise that the community has made to support all residents to make healthy, safe choices.


This program is funded by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Community Grant Program.

To learn more about

 the "Red Ribbon" campaign,

visit the Red Ribbon.org website

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